Joe Wills Presents: "A Novel Runs Through It: How Writing (Mostly) Good Sentences and Building Good Relationships Led to a Fulfilling Career"

“I have loved writing -- my quiet side -- and getting to know people – outgoing side – for as long as I can remember. During my life I have had the privilege to hold many varied and rewarding jobs, including high school teacher, small-town newspaper editor, counselor, bus driver, home dad, and public affairs director, my position for the past 16 years at Chico State. All the while, I have asked myself, perhaps not often enough:  How will this job help me fulfill my heart’s desire?  What kind of balance will I have, between work and play, office and home, making a buck and making a difference, working quietly by myself and working collaboratively with others? In this presentation, I will talk about what I have learned along the way and how I have been fortunate to find a home in higher education, at Chico State, where many of my goals and interests have come together.”

Join the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) for our Passing on the Legacy Higher Education Series as we hear more from CSU, Chico Public Affairs Director Joe Wills and his personal journey within higher education on March 5 @ 12PM-1PM in BMU 210.

The Higher Education Speaker Series is designed to give entry-level to mid-level professionals an opportunity to gain a greater insight into leadership at the executive level.  Senior Management Professionals will present on their journey in Higher Education and the lessons learned through their career.

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