Paid Jewish Internship- Jewish Student Union

Looking for a job starting in January? 



Chico Hillel is looking for interns to work 5-10 hours a week during the Spring 2015 academic school year. 


- Chico State Student 

- GPA 2.5

- Available Thursday evenings from 5-8 PM

- Available 5-10 hours per week 

Job Duties:
- Social/cultural event planning

- Marketing/Outreach

- Israel Advocacy

- Office Administration

- Flexible hours

- Build resume 

- Involvement in Jewish community

- Leadership training


Application Questions:

Please answer and submit to email below

  1. Resume with contact information
  2. Semesters remaining
  3. Explain why you would like to have this internship. 
  4. Please provide any previous involvement with Jewish organizations or experiences.  (This can include youth groups, social action groups, travel experiences, etc.)
  5. Describe an obstacle you have faced during an event or group activity and how you overcame/problem solved and explain the results. (under 250 words)
  6. Please include your 2015 Spring schedule. 

Application close date: Wednesday, December 10th at 5PM.

Interviews will be Friday, December 12th.

If interested, please contact the Hillel Director, Kristy Bergson at