It's the New Year! Come get down with us!- Jewish Student Union

Hello Jewish Chico!

Shana Tova and welcome to the New Year! Hillel will be "circling" in the new year with the ever endearing apples and honey, apple pie, apple donuts, mandalas and so much more to rejoice in another exciting year! Meet us at 6PM on Thursday at our office to join in with the bomb free food and fun creative activities! Bring a friend!!! 



Hillel has the honor of an Alliyah during Rosh Hashanah Services, this Thursday, September 25th at 11AM at Congregation Beth Israel. If you would like to participate, contact us for more information or a ride on our Facebook.



We are located on the courtyard behind Celestino's at 101 Salem St. Suite 160


 Questions? Contact us at or on Facebook