Title: 7 Strategies for Impactful Leadership Discussion w/Maurice Bryan. April 16

"Join us April 16 12PM-1PM in Bell Memorial Union (BMU) 210 to hear from Dr. Maurice Bryan share about his leadership experience. With the various experiences, professional positions, and different educational institutions, Dr. Bryan will be sharing 7 strategies that has enabled him to define and demonstrate impactful leadership."

Currently serving as the Associate Director of Student Judicial Affairs, Dr. Maurice Bryan serves as the Conduct Administrator with a specific focus on academic integrity. Dr. Bryan began his career as an affirmative action professional working as the Coordinator of Affirmative Action for Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington and was promoted to Director of Affirmative Action. In addition, Dr. Bryan serves as the Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation Coordinator for complaints and grievances involving students. Prior to this position, Bryan has served as the Director of Employment Practices/Dispute Resolution, Chief of Human Resources, Provost for Ottawa University, where he was committed to rebuilding the curriculum, the faculty, and the quality of the student body.  

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