No fundraising/solicitation allowed inside campus buildings

Worthy fundraising efforts for many different groups and organizations is in full swing, particularly as we head into the holiday season, and these efforts are to be applauded.  However, please be reminded that fundraising solicitation and sales are NOT permitted inside campus buildings.  You are welcome to do solicitation in outside spaces, and may reserve tabling space to do so via Student Life and Leadership office in SSC 190 (student clubs only) or via email from  Facilities Reservations (auxiliaries, campus programs and departments).  

Please be respectful of time, place and manner principles on campus and reserve offices, buildings and classrooms for the important work already being done in those locations to meet the primary mission of the University.  No fundraising or solicitation should occur inside classroom and office buildings on campus.  For questions or more information on how you may make the most of your fundraising efforts, feel free to contact Mary Wallmark at 530-898-3633 in the Student Life Office.