Myth of Study Abroad #1

Myth #1: Study abroad costs too much.

Fact: The cost varies depending on the type and location of the program, the length of the stay, and whether the program is administered through CSU, Chico or an outside organization. A program can be significantly less expensive, more or about the same. Study abroad can be affordable. CSU, Chico is committed to maintaining cost parity; many of our program locations cost the same OR LESS than attendance at CSU, Chico. Some study abroad programs -- especially those in developing countries -- can actually be less expensive than tuition and fees for the equivalent amount of time at Chico. The majority or ALL of the Financial aid you are receiving here is also transferable to our study abroad programs.

Interested in learning more?

Attend a Study Abroad Information Session – held every Wednesday from 5-6 pm & every Friday from 2-3 pm in SSC 150.

At the info session you will receive information on our programs, deadlines & scholarships available to fund your study abroad experience!

For more information, check out the Study Abroad Webpage:

Study Abroad is located within the Office of International Education, SSC 440. Email: