Turner Print Museum Gallery Closed During Thanksgiving Break

The Janet Turner Print Museum Gallery will be closed during Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 23-29).

The Turner’s current exhibit — Enigma: Code, Narrative, Symbol  — reopens Monday, Nov. 30 and continues its run through Dec. 12.

A collaborative project, this exhibition offers an opportunity for MA students in art history and MFA students in art practice to use the Turner Collection to refine their curatorial skills and apply their academic experience in research, analysis and theory. Three Albrecht Durer museum reproduction prints in the Turner Collection: Melencholia, The Knight, Devil and Death and St. Jerome in his Study serve as springboard for this exploration. Under the direction of professor of art, printmaking, Eileen Macdonald, professor of Art History, Dr. Asa Mittman, and lecturer in Humanities, Dr. Laura Nice, advanced students, inspired by Durer, will seek the modern interpretation of enigma, code and narrative. This exhibition is an example of the accessibility of the Turner Collection and its viable use as a primary source learning experience.

Information about The Turner is available online at their website and Facebook page.

Free and open to the public.

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