The Zapatista Rebellion at Twenty Years: A Retrospective

Panel discussion on Wednesday, April 2, in the Ruth Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall [PAC 134]


The program begins at 7PM, with a reception following in the PAC hallway.


[On January 1, 1994, an indigenous Mayan rebellion began in the Mexican state of Chiapas.  The beginning of the rebellion coincided with the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement---an agreement inimical to the interests of indigenous peoples in Mexico.  The Zapatista rebellion signaled the attempt to create an autonomous region in Mexico for the indigenous Mayan majority.]

Panelists include:

Stephen Lewis, Ph.D., CSUC Professor of History

Maria del Rocio Guido, CSUC graduate/activist


A question and answer session follows the formal program.


Co-sponsored by the CSUC Department of Philosophy,

the Latin American Studies Program (LAST) and

the Peace Institute at California State University, Chico


For more information contact Tom Imhoff in the CSUC Philosophy Dept. at


This program is free an open to the public.