Faculty and Staff

Department Chair and Undergraduate Advisor:

Antoinette Martinez, Ph.D.
(530) 898-6193
Butte 311

Department Graduate Coordinator and Minor Advisor:

Georgia Fox
(530) 898-5583
Plumas 105

Department ASC I:

Jeannette Methvin-Terry
(530) 898-6192
Butte 311

Certificate Coordinators:

Applied Cultural Anthropology:     
Dr. David Eaton
Cultural Resource Management:
Dr. Frank Bayham
Forensic Identification:
Dr. Colleen Milligan
Museum Studies:
Dr. Georgia Fox or Dr. Stacy Schaefer
gfox@csuchico.edu     sschaefer@csuchico.edu


Archaeology Lab Tech:                 
Kevin Dalton 
Curator at Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology:
Adrienne Scott
Human ID Lab Tech:
Alexandra Perrone
Amy Huberland


Dr. Eric BartelinkEric Bartelink

Email: ebartelink@csuchico.edu

Physical: bioarchaeology, paleodietary
reconstruction, forensic anthropology, California prehistory.

dr. frank bayhamFrank Bayham

Email: fbayham@csuchico.edu

Archaeology: Southwest, Great Basin,
Northern California Zooarchaeolgy, Taphonomy

brian braezealBrian Brazeal

Email: bcbrazeal@csuchico.edu

Cultural: Afro-Brazilian religions, visual anthropology

dr. jesse dizzardJesse Dizard

Email: jdizard@csuchico.edu

Cultural anthropologist primarily interested in controlling processes. His research explores the existence and impacts of the pleasures of prejudice in a variety of contexts. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in W. Africa, N. Africa, Alaska, Asia and Europe.

david eatonDavid Eaton

Email: daeaton@csuchico.edu

Cultural: medical anthropology, population and life sciences, human ecologies, narrative and performance

Dr. Georgia FoxGeorgia Fox

Email: gfox@csuchico.edu

Archaeology: Historical archaeology, maritime and underwater archaeology, material culture studies, museum studies, and archaeological and ethnographic conservation.

Dr. William LokerWilliam Loker

Email: wloker@csuchico.edu

Cultural:human ecology, globalization, and cultural evolution, adaptation, and development

dr. nette martinezAntoinette Martinez

Email: amartinez@csuchico.edu

Archaeology: North American and California archaeology, historical archaeology,
culture contact studies, native women in prehistory/history and
archaeofaunal analysis

dr. colleen milliganColleen Milligan

Email: cfmilligan@csuchico.edu

Physical: bioarchaeology, skeletal biology, forensic anthropology

dr. stacey schaeferStacy Schaefer

Email: sschaefer@csuchico.edu

Cultural: Mesoamerica, indigenous people, ethnography,
, art, symbolism, shamanism, religion, and interpretation and representation in museum exhibitions

dr. p willeyP. Willey

Email: pwilley@csuchico.edu

Physical: skeletal biology, anatomy

Part Time Faculty

Kevin Dalton, kdalton@csuchico.edu
Phil Dennis, phil.dennis@ttu.edu
Alex Perrone, aperrone1@csuchico.edu
Michael Pilakowski, mpilakowski@csuchico.edu
Beth Shook, bashook@csuchico.edu  
Lisa Westwood, lwestwood@csuchico.edu
Melody Yeager, mryeager@csuchico.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Beverly Chinas, UCLA 1969
William Collins
Claire R. Farrer, University of Texas, Austin 1977
Carolyn Heniz
Keith Johnson, UCLA
Markoto Kowta, UCLA 1963
Turhon Murad, Indiana University 1975
James Myers, UC Berkeley 1960
Valene L. Smith, University of Utah 1966
Tom W. Johnson, UC Berkeley 1970
Charles Urbanowicz, University of Oregon 1972