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Ethnographic, Visual Anthropology, and Digital Media Labs

There's lots of new life in our enhanced cultural anthropology labs in Butte 305, 303, and 303a.  Upgraded equipment, fresh paint, and new décor  in these rooms are keeping them in the center of many projects in our department.  Co-directors Brian Brazeal and David Eaton are most grateful for the generous support from BSS and University grants that has made this possible, building on the dedicated earlier work of other faculty and students, and for vital help from BSS IT guru David Philhour in bringing this about.  Also crucial are the student volunteers from our CAS (Chico Anthropological Society) and AGSA (Anthropology Graduate Student Association) who help keep the lab open and running when it's not in use for classes and meetings.  

In the Ethnolab (305), we've streamlined the room design to show off our video and book libraries and our rarer journal sets that aren't easily available online.  We've cleared the windows to give plenty of light for our tropical plants - cardamom, fishtail palm, and Mexican pepperleaf - part of our collections thanks to resident ethnobotanist Jim Bauml.  Adorning another wall are huge color prints from faculty fieldwork in Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Tonga, and Congo.  By the door, overlooking the big seminar table, is Lono, a Polynesian fishing and fertility god (in the form of a wooden carving from Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, loaned by Professor Emeritus Charlie Urbanowicz).  Faster PCs, sleeker monitors, and double-sided laser printing are there for all to use, and in addition to ArcGIS, Atlas.ti, and SPSS we're have Adobe suite software and are aiming for full videoconferencing capacities.  And our new projection and sound system rocks, so you can really feel the reggae and rumba in our multimedia presentations.   

In the new visual lab next door (303 and 303a), we've rustled up a raft of Mac G4s to power our visual anthropology methods class.  Matched with production monitors, hard drives, and film editing software, these computers complement the equipment we've installed in 303a that can digitize, copy, transfer, and edit video seamlessly across VHS and DVD formats.  Our new dSLR and video cameras, lenses,  lights, tripods, microphones, and digital voice recorders live in 303a together with our most powerful Mac workstation, and a sheetfed scanner is available in 303 to turn paper documents into pdfs.  Posters and photographs from faculty and student ethnography hang on the walls in both rooms.  The labs are lively and lovely overall, we feel, offering multiple platforms for creative work, and with even better things to come - stay tuned...

Available in Butte 305 (the Ethnolab): 

  • Four internet-connected fast PCs with flat screen monitors

  • Laserjet double-sided printer (modest charge for printing)

  • Notevision computer/video projector

  • Television/VCR for screening videos

  • A modest library of anthropology videos, books, journals, and reference sources.

  • Pull-down maps of world regions

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