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The Inferior Nasal Concha

The Inferior Nasal Concha is a very thin, porous, and fragile, paired bone basically elongated and curled upon itself. It lays in the horizontal plane and is attached to the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. By way of the Maxillary Process on the bone's lateral surface, it is attached to the maxilla, and by way of the Lacrimal, Ethmoid and Palatine Processes to each of the bones which assist in forming the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. By projecting into the nasal cavity, the medial surface of the Inferior Nasal Concha assists in increasing the surface area within the cavity and thus increases the amount of mucus membrane and olfactory nerve endings exposed to inhaled odors.

An inferior nasal concha touchs, or articulates with, the following bones:


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