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The Maxillae

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The Maxillae are the paired facial bones which contain the upper dention and thus form the upper jaw. Each is basicly hollow with a large Maxillary Sinus. A superior projection, the Frontal Process, assists in forming the lateral margin of the nasal aperture and ends by articulating with the frontal bone. An Orbital Plate forms the floor of the eye orbit, while the Zygomatic Process articuates with the zygomatic bone. On the anteror surface of the bone, near the maxillo-zygomatic suture, ther is an Infra-Orbital Foramen. The Alveolar Process of the Maxilla contains the upper dentition and assists in giving rise to the Palatine Portion which forms the anterior half of the hard palate. The left and right Maxillae articulate with one another by way of the Inter-Maxillary Suture. The superior end of this suture frequently terminates with the Nasal Spine.

A maxilla touches, or articulates with, the following bones:


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