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The Zygomatic Bones

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Also called the Malars or Jugals, each cheek or zygomatic bone possesses three major processes which articulate with the bones which surround it. The Frontal Process of the zygomatic forms the lateral margin and wall of the eye orbit and projects superiorly to articulate with the zygomatic process of the frontal bone. This portion of the bone separates the eye orbit from the temporal fossa and possesses a posterior projecting edge called the Marginal Process. The Temporal Process of the zygomatic runs lateral and posterior toward an articulation with the zygomatic process of the temporal bone. Together these two processes assist in forming the zygomatic arch which serves as the attachment for the masseter muscle in life, one of the primary muscles used in mastication. The temporal muscle runs beneath the arch and is also a primary mover of the mandible in chewing. The Maxillary Process of the zygomatic articulates with the zygomatic portion of the maxilla by way of the Zygo-Maxillary Suture.

The zygomatics touch, or articulate with, the following bones:


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