Program Overview

MA Program:

The MA program’s focus in physical anthropology has two primary emphases: forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology. Students interested in forensic anthropology apply techniques in human skeletal biology to aid in the analysis and identification of skeletal and decomposed remains. Students interested in bioarchaeology focus on the analysis of human skeletal remains from archaeological sites. Most students gain significant experience in both areas through coursework, research projects, and MA thesis. The MA Program in Anthropology prepares students for entry-level positions in places such as coroner’s offices, archaeology firms, museums, and community colleges. Many of our MA students have pursued doctoral-level work to further their careers in physical anthropology.

Since 1998, graduate students have organized and funded a Forensic Anthropology Conference held on CSU, Chico’s campus. This work provides further opportunities for student learning through a series of lectures and workshops presented by experts in the field.  The Department of Anthropology has a longstanding commitment to providing a high-quality education to those wishing to become professional physical anthropologists.  

Certificate in Forensic Identification

Undergraduates can pursue a Certificate in Forensic Identification. The Department of Anthropology affiliates with Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Political Science (Criminal Justice Program) at California State University, Chico to offer an enhanced curriculum to the Undergraduate Program.  Furthermore, its relationship with city, county and state agencies permits students to work as interns in forensic-related areas.  For further information, please contact the Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Colleen Milligan at (530) 898-6220 or by email: