Anthropology Forum

Videos of past anthropology forums can be viewed online - Click Here.

During Fall and Spring Semester, Every Thursday at 4:00pm, located in Ayres 120.

These lectures are free and open to the public.

Fall 2017



August 31

Dr. Jesse Dizard

Racism and Reconciliation: the Rough Cut
September 7
Roland Bunch Regenerative Agriculture, Its Cruical Role in the Solution to Africa's Current Famine
September 14

Dr. Michael Coyle

Unseeing What's Not There: Penal Abolition and The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice
September 21

Travon Robinson 

Inclusion Matters: Engaging with Diverse Populations 
September 28
Dr. Ariane Belanger-Vincent

A Mined Path towards Repatriation: Burmese Refugees in Thailand

October 5

Dr. Georgia Fox

From Field to Lab: The Summer 2017 Antigua Archaeological Project and Field School
October 12 Ariel Peasley, Josh Nowakowski, and Tamara Maxey  Museum Exploration: A Tale of Two Internships 
October 19
Dr. Najm al-Din Youssefi The Arab Conquests and Social Stratification of the Late Antique Near East
October 26

Dr. Luciana Braga

Capoeira: Developing Social and Cultural Awareness through Movement

November 2 Dr. Angela Gapa

Escaping the Resource Curse: The Sources of Institutional Quality in Botswana

November 9 Dr. Eric Bartelink

Population Resilience and Interpersonal Violence in the Prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area

November 16

Dr. Brian Brazeal

The Price of Wisdom: Rubies in Thailand, Mozambique and Beyond
November 30
Justin Rohde 

The Archaeology of Historic Trails: Identifying Ancestral Travel Routes and Associated Prehistoric Sites in the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California and Southern Oregon

December 7 Dr. Carly Whelan