Anthropology Forum

Videos of past anthropology forums can be viewed online - Click Here.

During Fall and Spring Semester, Every Thursday at 4:00pm, located in Ayres 120

Fall 2014



September 4
Dr. Jesse Dizard Someone You Know: Revised Director's Cut
September 11
Dr. Beth Shook What DNA reveals regarding "Race" and human population variation
September 18
Steve Waxman Instruments of Change: How performing arts integrated a community and helped revitalize downtown Miami
September 25
Dr. Georgia Fox Impact of the Frolic: Archaeology and Global Trade
October 2
Dr. Colleen Milligan Mercury, Metal, and Machetes: Afro-Caribbean Religions and Forensic Anthropology
October 9
Dr. Georgia Fox Above and Beyond:  the Eighth Field Season at Betty’s Hope Plantation, Antigua, West Indies
October 16 Arik Bord Premiere Screening of "Storytellers", a Film About the Origins of Anthropology at CSU Chico
October 23

Dr. David Eaton

Walkable Cities: An Anthropological Perspective
October 30
Kevin Dalton Halloween's Transformation from Pagan Ritual to American Party Night
November 6
Dr. Sarah Pike "Earth First" or Anti-oppression? Ritual and Conflict Within Radical Environmentalism
November 13
Dr. Charles Urbanowicz

Cruising at the Anthropology Forum

November 20
Dr. Brian Brazeal The Czar Is Dead: Five Hundred Years of Conflict Around Colombia's Emerald Mines
December 4
Dr. Turhon Murad

It is never too late to seek pride

December 11
Dr. Frank Bayham The International Conference for Zooarchaeology in San Rafael, Argentina: Guanacos, Wine, Angels and Cathedrals