Anthropology Forum

Videos of past anthropology forums can be viewed online - Click Here.

During Fall and Spring Semester, Every Thursday at 4:00pm, located in Ayres 120.

These lectures are free and open to the public.

Fall 2016



September 1

Dr. Brian Brazeal

Illusions in Stone: The Global Story of the Emerald Trade
September 8
Dr. Ariane Belanger-Vincent

On Banning Landmines: The Fate of a Treaty

September 15

Dr. David Eaton

Reimagining Chico's South Campus Neighborhood
September 22

Dr. Nitzky and Tamera Maxey

Stories in Thread: A Tapestry of Hmong Identity.
September 29 Dr. Georgia Fox On the Paper Trail: 'Digging' in the National Archives of Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies
October 6

Dr. Marjorie Schwartzer

New Museums, New Nations, New Identities in the United Arab Emirates
October 13
Dr. Colleen Milligan

Reconstructing History: Using archival research in skeletal studies

October 20

Dr. Eugene Mendonsa

An Anthropologist Looks at Inequality
October 27

Mr. Tray Robinson

Inclusion Matters: Engaging with Diverse Populations

November 3

Dr. William Nitzky

Overflowing Chinese Tourists in Japan

November 10
Dr. Kate Transchel

Russia, Ukraine and a new Cold War?

November 17

Dr. Matthew O'Brien

Topic: Dukha Ethno Project

December 1

Julie Fleischman

Human Rights After Atrocity: The Role of Forensic Anthropology

December 8

Dr. Heather Garvin

Who was Homo naledi? An introduction to a new human ancestor