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During Fall and Spring Semester, Every Thursday at 4:00pm, located in Ayres 120

Spring 2015



January 29
Dr. Bodinger de Uriarte Gambling on History: Exhibiting (in) Native America
February 5
Dr. William Nitzky

Performing Heritage, Remaking Identity: Bronze Drums, Tourism, and Everyday Life of the Baiku Yao

February 12
Dr. Christy DeLair What Does It Mean to be "Indigenous" Today? Museums, Craft Markets and Creative Traditions in Taiwan
February 19
Dr. Chaudhry Collective Action in Decentralized Irrigation Systems: Evidence from Pakistan
February 26
Wes Elliott The Boat and the Canoe, Understanding the Difference in Discourse
March 5
Dr. Brian Brazeal Nostalgia for War and the Paradox of Peace in the Colombian Emerald Trade
March 12 Dr. Jesse Dizard

Never Enough - Water and Owens Valley

March 26

Dr. Frank Bayham

Animals, Healing and the Case of the Unhatched Egg

 April 2
Kevin Dalton, Jamie Parks, Alina Tichinin, Connor Hendricks, Katelyn Mohr, Ryan Rasmussen, Janel Donovan, & Dustin Dunning 

A Semester in Northern California Archaeology: Experiences from the 2014 Archaeological Site Survey Class

April 9
Dr. Mimi George

The Return of Lata: We ARE the Voyaging Ancestors

April 16
Dr. P. Willey

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Seventh Cavalry

April 23
Dr. Matthew O'Brien

Pleistocene Megafaunal Predation & the La Prele Mammoth Site

April 30 Anna Kamanzi

From Forager to Citizen: Transitions for Rwanda's Twa

May 7
Dwight Simons

Working for Scale