Anthropology Forum

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During Fall and Spring Semester, Every Thursday at 4:00pm, located in Ayres 120

Fall 2015



September 3
Dr. Charlie Urbanowicz World War II, 1931-1945: Locations, Images and Words
September 10
Dr. Brian Brazeal

Crypto. Jews in the Global Emerald Trade

September 17
Dan Bruns and Dr. Jesse Dizard A Walk Through Time: the 14,000 year history of the Koi people and the creation of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park
September 24
Dr. Thomas Johnson Becoming a Eunuch: Motivations for and sexual consequences of voluntary castration in the modern world
October 1
Sahar Foruzan, and Matt Purifoy Film "Putting on Face"
October 8
Dr. Matthew O'Brien Why We Dig: Revelations and Shifting Research Questions at the La Prele Mammoth Site
October 15
Dr. Georgia Fox

Major Hole and his Beloved Oxen: The Ninth Archaeological Summer Field Season, Antigua, 2015

October 22

Laura Cirillo

Anthropology in 3D! Using Digital Technology to Analyze the Past

 October 29
Kevin Dalton

Costumes Optional: Halloween’s Transformation from Pagan Ritual to American Party Night

November 5
Dr. Dean Fairbanks

The Geography of Hunger: Fresno County Hunger Count

November 12
Dr. Eric Bartelink

Application of Stable Isotope Analysis in Forensic Anthropology: Current Methods for Predicting Region-of-Origin of Unidentified Persons

November 19
Eric Vollmers and Frank LaPena

Kindling The Identity and Meaning of Place: Digital Ethnographic Place Names Project 2004-2015

December 3
Dr. Phil Dennis

The Miskitu People of Awastara

December 10
Melanie Beasley