Kali - from a calendar,
Jitwarpur, 1998



Kali, fiercest of the great goddesses, loves the cremation ground, dances on her husband's body, drinks blood dripping from severed heads.

She is rarely portrayed but is always present in every Kul Devi shrine, for she IS Kul Devi. All the Maithil Brahman lineage goddesses are one of the ten Mahavidhyas, the ten forms of Kali. But her presence is marked in empty trays and hidden signs.

These images below are somewhat unusual, for other, gentler goddesses are preferred for portraying in the wall art--Radha, Sita, Parvati,and Durga.

Kali - Wall of Kohbara Ghar,
Jitwarpur, 1980

Durga - Maurya Hotel, Patna

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