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Our current exhibit explores the human journey from our African roots to modern humans through the eyes of physical anthropology.   From ancient fossil remains and changes seen in the human skeleton over millennia, plus recent developments in DNA  research, and the evolutionary developments in human and on-human primates,  the painstaking work of anthropologists comes to life, helping us better understand our human past.  That’s not all.  Do you like the television shows CSI or Bones?   See how forensic anthropologists really work as our exhibit showcases a mock crime scene investigation, all part of the life of physical anthropologists working in the 21st century.

Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Museum Hours

Tuesday–Saturday 11-3

Monday-Thursday 11-3

Closed between exhibitions.  See exhibition schedule for specific dates.

Note: The Museum of Anthropology is completely wheelchair accessible.

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The museum is located in the Meriam Library complex, next to the Janet Turner Museum


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