In Focus Film Festival and World Explorations Speaker Series

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In Focus Film Festival 2017 - Featured Films

Putting On Face:  Go behind the wigs, makeup, and outfits to discover the beauty of gender fluidity and the power of performance to create a sense of family. Putting on Face follows three groups of drag queens who give back through charitable works, helping bridge the gap between gay and straight communities and inspire future generation of LGBTQ individuals.


A Bright Idea:  A Bright Idea is a documentary film, which explores innovation, inspiration, and the intersection of art and technology, as seen through the “makerspace” community of artists, designers, musicians, crafters and programmers at the Idea Fab Labs in Chico, CA. The film sheds light on a thriving local scene, which, although underground in its own town, attracts multi-talented visual artists from around the world to its Tech-Art Incubator Program. While the central focus of the film remains in Chico, future possibilities open through the Idea Fab Labs’ expansion to the newest nodal point in Santa Cruz, CA.


Mr. Tanimoto’s Journey: On the 19th of February, 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 authorizing the removal of ‘any and all necessary and desirable’ persons of Japanese ethnicity from any part of the continental USA and Hawaii deemed to be of strategic military importance. The entire West Coast of the US and the Hawaiian archipelago thus fell under military jurisdiction, and by June 1942 over 110,000 American citizens of Japanese descent were forced to hastily abandon their businesses, farms, homes and what had been their normal daily lives, and were removed en masse to one of ten locations scattered across the western states. The Tanimoto’s were one such family from Gridley, CA. They were relocated to the Tule Lake Segregation Center in Newell, CA. Today, Mr. Jim Tanimoto, born in Gridley, is the last living member of those men from Block 42 at Tule Lake who protested against the loss of their constitutional rights. He and the others were subjected to harsh threats and additional imprisonment as a result. This is his story.

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