US Bank Travel Card

The US Bank Travel Card is offered to employees requiring university-related travel at least two times per year.   The card is for use while traveling on State business and provides travelers the convenience of not using their personal credit cards for business-related expenses.  State travelers apply for the card and issuance is based on campus program eligibility as well as the employee’s credit history.


US Bank Travel Cards are used only for CSU Chico travel expenses.  Whenever possible it is used to charge for lodging, meals, rental cars and expenses, fuel, airline tickets, shuttle services and taxi fares while traveling.


US Bank Travel Card can be obtained by completing the application form.  Approval and signature of the President/Provost/VP or designee are required.  Sign, date and send the completed application form to Accounts Payable, Kendall 208, zip 243.  Requests or questions regarding the application can be directed to Natalie Noziska, Accounts Payable, ext. 5866.


Resolution of disputed charges is the responsibility of the employee.  US Bank provides employees with a toll free number (1-800-344-5696) which they can call in the event of a disputed billing or other customer service issues.

Employees should immediately notify US Bank if their card is lost or stolen by calling 1-800-344-5696.  A replacement card will be mailed within 3-5 business days.  Employees will not be liable for charges arising from any unauthorized use of the card if the employee notifies US Bank immediately.

US Bank Travel Card procedures