Academic Program Review

Program review processes play a key role in the improvement of undergraduate and graduate education at CSU, Chico. They provide a framework for quality management in our program offerings and related educational activities.

The Chico review process refocuses programs toward becoming more systematic and intentional about gathering data about the right things -performance and effectiveness-and on using the resulting information to continuously improve what the program does.  The specific elements of our review process align under the vision, mission and strategic priorities of the CSU and CSU, Chico, the CSU’s Strategic Plan Access to Excellence, the CSU Accountability Process, the Governor’s Compact with Higher Education, and the “core commitments” to student learning and success; quality and improvement; and institutional integrity, sustainability, and accountability that are embodied in the WASC accreditation standards.  Together, they are intended to encourage significant levels of on-going engagement by internal and external stakeholders in issues of program capacity and program effectiveness.

Overall, the Chico review process embraces an organizational learning approach in which the program regularly and systematically assesses its own performance and uses the assessment information to foster collective learning and thereby increase the program’s capacity for educational effectiveness.  Our review process makes program review more than a periodic event.