B.A. in Latin American Studies

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Latin American Studies offers a B.A. and minor that provides an interdisciplinary perspective on this complex and diverse region of the world, with a special focus on Mexico and Central America. The curriculum for the major is designed for both breadth and depth in order to accommodate students' various interests and career goals. The Latin American Studies Program allows you to study with experts in the region from departments across the campus. It can help prepare you for a variety of careers in our rapidly globalizing world, including business, education, journalism, recreation and travel. In addition, it can enhance your job opportunities with both government and non-governmental agencies.

Our unique semester-long cultural immersion program is designed to complement the major and minor in Latin American Studies at Chico State. This program combines on-campus academic preparation for ten weeks followed by experiential education for six weeks in Merida, Mexico. During the overseas segment, each student lives with a Mexican family and works at an unpaid internship with a school, government agency, or private business.