Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
Malcolm x

The Academic Lens

The Academic Lens a new addition to the University Catalog publication.  It is the result of a collaboration between divisions of Student Affairs, Public Affairs and Publications, and Academic Affairs.  The Academic Lens utilizes the high-visibility of the University Catalog, and its unique position as one portal into the CSU Chico experience, to bring attention to "hidden gems" offered by the academic colleges and educational centers or being done by any of its student or faculty representatives.  

The intents of this new catalog feature are many.  The Academic Lens aims to regalvanize the University Catalog website as a recruiting tool by:

  1. Focusing attention on present and past examples of academic success and educational innovation,
  2. Demonstrating CSU Chico's reputation as a school providing holistic learning opportunities combined with rigorous academics that yield highly sought-after graduates, and
  3. Bolstering diversity in each of its academic colleges and educational centers by exposing programming, research, and course information to broadened audiences.

The Academic Lens
[PDF files]

College of Agriculture

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

College of Business

College of Communication and Education [PDF coming soon]

College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management [PDF coming soon]

College of Humanities and Fine Arts [PDF coming soon]

College of Natural Sciences [PDF coming soon]

Center for Regional and Continuing Education [PDF coming soon]