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University Catalog Mission

University Catalog Mission Statement

The University Catalog is the online, accessible source of authoritative information on admission and program requirements, as well as policies that govern the campus community; it is a gateway that introduces students, faculty, staff, and the community to the Chico Experience.


 Accessible • Interactive 

 Authoritative • Interconnected 

 Collaborative • Progressive 

Accessible: The Catalog will remain in compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act as addressed by the Accessible Technology Initiative from the CSU Chancellor’s Office (EO-926).

Authoritative: The Catalog is official documentation and record of degree program requirements and related CSU system and campus policies as well as academic procedures.

Collaborative: The Catalog is created through the collective efforts of campus units (schools, centers, departments, and offices) and the catalog editor.

Interactive: The Catalog program will communicate with multiple campus database-building and data-collecting programs to provide consistent information to the University community.

Interconnected: The Catalog will act as a portal, connecting users to the Chico Experience through links to academic department information, campus resources, and the greater Chico community.

Progressive: The Catalog will reflect current technological standards, practices and trends, and will remain accessible through various Web browsers and devices.

Download a printable .PDF version of University Catalog Mission Statement.