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Official University Organizational Chart

Use this link to navigate to the Official Department Abbreviations and University Organization Chart.  

Chart features:

  • Hierarchical representation of all of the departments and offices at CSU Chico.
  • Allows the user to easily access the Campus Directory, website, email addresses and phone number of a given department. 
  • A search functionality allows a user to find a department without navigating through 300+ departments.
  • Color coding identifies and traces the hierarchical path of department/office dependencies. 

The campus directory DOES provide a snapshot of each department or office's heirarchal reporting line.
To see the reporting line for an individual department, navigate to the desired department in the Campus Directory and follow the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.  The selected department appears at the very end of the breadcrumb trail. See highlighted text in image below.

Screenshot [excerpt] image of campus directory breadcrumbs that illustrate organizational reporting lines.

If you need to request a change in the Organizational Chart or directory, please contact the Directory Maintenance Access Administrator at