The 2013-14 Catalog is live

The online 2013-2014 University Catalog is now live and sporting some new features!

THe University Catalog has been revised and updated for the 2013-2014 academic year. This latest edition reflects departmental mergers that have been approved (Music & Theatre and International Languages, Literatures, & Cultures) as well as reflecting new policies and procedures from the CSU Chancellor's Office.

New features on the latest edition of the University Catalog include:

  • Links to additional on-campus departments under Campus Resources on the catalog homepage
  • Navigational links to major options in degree requirements pages
  • Updated University Policies and CSU, Chico Governance and Administration sections
  • Information regarding, as well as links to, the new California Dream Act legislation 

Users may navigate to the new catalog by clicking the "CATALOG" link at the top of all CSU, Chico webpages. In order to get to the 2012-13 University Catalog users will need to navigate to it via the "Catalog Library" link in the catalog top navigation bar. 2013-14 Degree MAPs are still under construction and will be updated and uploaded as they are completed throughout the summer. 

For more information please contact the University Catalog Editor at