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Schedule Building

The Class Schedule is an online publication maintained by Academic Publications and Scheduling Services (APSS).  

The Class Schedule webpage contains information regarding:

APSS works with academic departments to:

Registration Help

Students and others with questions regarding the registration process can find help on the Student Records and Registration Office's Registration Help page.

The Class Schedule Build

The Class Schedule build is a process through which departments schedule and modify classes to be offered for the semester, and assign rooms and instructors to those classes. This enables students to register for classes using the PeopleSoft system and provides the data for the Web Schedule.

  • PeopleSoft Class Scheduling workshop  (PDF)  Detailed information for modifying or building classes offered for a term.  Training offered each semester.

  • Class Audits   (PDF)   A cheatsheet for schedule build audits that departments must review for each term, Round I through Census

Helpful Tools

Guides and Tips

  • Changing a Class Meeting Pattern  Link to information about Changing a Class Meeting Pattern, including the form required to change a meeting pattern once registration has begun for a term.

  • Cancelling a class:  APSS does not need to be informed about class cancellations.  Please follow your college's procedure for cancelling a course, and document Dean's approval; remember to notify the students with their options.

  • Non-Standard Meeting Patterns     Link to information about Non-Standard Meeting Patterns, including the form required to request one-time approval for a nonstandard pattern.

  • Changes to the Final Exam Schedule  Link to information about Final Exam changes.

  • Schedule Build Quick Guides  Link to the APSS Guides web page.

  • BBLearn and PeopleSoft  (Wiki link)  Information from TLP regarding the BBLearn and Peoplesoft connections.

  • Schedule Building Reminders  (Wiki link)  Tips, guidelines, reminders, frequently asked questions. Quick answers for common questions regarding schedule building.

Policy Resources


  • Class Schedule Report  (Insight Report)  A list of classes with details helpful for schedule building.

Room Information

  • Jumbo rooms   List of academic classrooms with a capacity of 50 or more.  All rooms are mediated ("smart").
  • Lecture rooms   List of academic classrooms with a capacity of 49 or less.  Not all rooms are mediated ("smart").