Faculty Portal Instructions

The Accessibility Resource Center utilizes an online Service Request Portal for ARC students to request some accommodations. This system is secure, saves time and resources, as well as simplifies the process for students and faculty. Please note that students will only have access to those services for which they have been approved by their ARC Advisor. Download the pdf version of these Instructions, Faculty Portal Instructions (pdf).

 Currently, the following services are available at the online Service Request Portal:

  • Exam Services
  • Note taker Services
  • On-Campus Transportation (The Cart)

Exam Services

All requests for exams to be facilitated by ARC must be submitted online.
After registering with ARC, students will initiate a request for exam services by using the Services Request Portal located on the ARC Website.

Faculty Notification and/or Request for Approval

  1. You will receive an e-mail “Test: ARC Exam Request-Action Required” from the student
  2. Click on the link to approve the exam
  3. Note the time and date requested
  4. Fill out the form to indicate specific information about the administration and delivery of the exam (i.e. time, date, materials allowed or not allowed, etc.)
  5. Once approved, an e-mail confirmation is sent to both ARC and to the student.

Getting Exams to ARC

Exams can be delivered to ARC via e-mail, fax, campus mail, student or faculty delivery.

Questions or Concerns

Concerns and/or questions can be noted in “other instructions” or by contacting the ARC Exam Coordinator.

Note Taker Services

Using the online Service Request Portal, students will select the need for a note taker which will generate a confidential e-mail to all registered students and instructors in the specified class.

Students who wish to volunteer are directed to a link to provide their contact information directly to the requesting student.