Accessibility Resource Center

Student Request Portal Instructions

The Service Request Portal system is the way students can make requests for accommodations. This system is more secure, saves time and resources, and simplifies the process for students and faculty.  You are still advised to check in with your Advisor each semester. Download the Student's Service Request Portal Instructions (PDF).

The following services are available on the online Service Request Portal:

  • Exam Services
  • Instructor Notification of Accommodations
  • Note Taker Services
  • On-Campus Transportation (The Cart)

Please Note: To Use the Service Request Portal, you must first Register with the Accessibility Resource Center. The Register with ARC page will instruct you in how to Register.

Once in the Service Request Portal

  1. Log onto the Request Portal using you're Chico State Portal ID and password
  2. "Welcome to ARC Service Request Portal, and Welcome, (your name)" will come up.
  3. Approved Services will show a list of accommodations approved by your ARC advisor.
    Note: Contact your ARC Advisor if you do not see a service listed you think you have been approved for.
  4. Under "Signed Agreements" a list of agreements to electronically sign appears, ARC Agreement and individual service agreements if approved. If the agreement shows "Missing", you need to click on the agreement and give your electronic signature before the system will allow you to make a request.
  5. Once you have signed the agreements, you can request accommodations within the menu on the left.

Instructor Notification

  1. Click on Instructor Notification.
  2. Click to select classes for which you want to notify your instructors.
  3. Click Send ARC Approval Notification to Instructor button.
    Once you click on the button, an e-mail notification is sent to your instructors notifying them of your approved classroom accommodations.
  4. To view the form, click on the View Approval Form button. You can print copies to hand carry to instructors.
  5. ARC strongly encourages you to discuss your specific accommodations with your instructors. Face to face communication is the best way to ensure effective and reasonable accommodations.

Exam Services

  1. Click on Exam Services.
  2. Click on New Exam Request
  3. Select Term box (defaults to the current term). 
  4. Select Class box, click on arrow to show all classes registered in. Click to select class. 
  5. Exam Date box, click to bring up calendar of current month. Click on desired day to fill in box.
  6. Exam Time box, click and input the start time of the test. Include am or pm following the time.
  7. Click on all accommodations that apply to this exam.
  8. Click Submit Exam Request button located in the lower left corner.

Key Information for Exam Request

  • Once you submit your request, a verification page comes up to verify the details of your test.
  • Your exam request is automatically sent to your instructor via e-mail. When your instructor has approved and/or responded to your exam request, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and the information has been forwarded to ARC
  • If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation it is your responsibility to contact your instructor. In addition you can send a second request by going into Exam Services link, and use Send Instructor Reminder E-mail button.
  • You can review all of your requests on the Exam Services link. This will show if your test has been approved and whether your test has been received by ARC and more detailed information by clicking on Details.
  • If a change needs to be made to your requested exam:
    • Click the Exam Services link.
    • Click on Details.
    • Click on Edit Exam Request button.
    • Click on the date or time box, input new information.
    • Click on Update Exam Request button.
  • If you have scheduled an exam less than 3 working days, or outside of ARC's normal working hours, you will receive an e-mail warning that instructs you to contact the Accessibility Resource Center.
  • If you have questions about exam services, contact the Testing Coordinator at 898-5959. 
  • If you do not see a specific accommodation that you require for an exam, finish submitting the exam request and then contact your ARC Advisor as soon as possible.

Note Taker Services

To Request a Note Taker from your classmates

  1. Click on Note Taker Services link.
  2. Click on Note Taker button.
  3. Make sure the term is for the current semester.
  4. Check the classes for which a note taker is needed.
  5. Click the Submit button. You will see confirmation of your request.
  6. An anonymous/confidential e-mail is automatically sent to all registered students in each class and to each instructor. This e-mail is a notification that a student in this class is seeking a note taker. Students are directed to a link if they are interested in providing the service.
  7. Note taker responses will be sent to you in an e-mail from each student interested in being a note taker. You should contact those that respond via the Response to Note Taker link in the e-mail.  You may examine a sample of their notes and decide on a note taker for each class. 

Once you've chosen a Note Taker

  1. Once you have decided on a note taker, log back into the ARC Service Request Portal.
  2. Select the Note Taker Services link from the menu on the left.
  3. Click the Select button for each class you have requested a note taker in. A list of names will appear at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the Accept button next to the name of the person you have chosen.
  5. Once you have selected a note taker for the class, any future responses will receive a notification that the position has already been filled.
  6. Contact information is stored in the Service Request Portal system, under Note Taker Services link, click on the Select button.
  7. Notification options are available with current classes for the entire semester.

Key Information for Note Taker Services

  • Following Up on Requests- If you do not receive a response for a note taker, contact your ARC Advisor as soon as possible.
  • Confidentiality- E-mails sent to classmates do not contain identifying information about the requestor. The only time that your name is disclosed is at the time you respond to email/contact information and select a note taker.  
  • Carbon Paper- Carbon (two-part) note taker paper is available at no charge in the ARC office.
  • Evaluating Note Taker- At the end of the semester, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your note taker.
  • Questions/Help- If you have questions, contact your ARC Advisor.

On-Campus Transportation (The Cart)

  1. Click on Cart Services link.
  2. Click on the Add tab, located at the top of the screen.
  3. Check the Term box, to make sure current semester is selected.
  4. In the Days box, click to select day. (You may select multiple days i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  5. Start Date and End Date boxes show the date range service is available to you.
    Please Note: If you have a Temporary Disability this date range will reflect the length of time your Doctor’s note stated.
  6. In the Pick up Time box, type in the time and then select AM or PM
  7. In the Pick up Location box, type in the location you want to be picked up at. Include compass directions of North, South, East or West to indicate which door you want to be picked up at if the building has multiple entrances.
  8. In the Destination box, type in the location you want to be dropped off at.
  9. Click the Submit button.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for all rides (time) needed.

Editing Your Ride Request

  1. Click on Cart Services link.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab, located at the top of the screen.
  3. On the schedule of your rides, locate the ride and click to check box.
  4. Click on the Edit button.
  5. Make desired changes in the boxes.
  6. Click on either This Instance Only or Entire Series button.
  7. Click on the Update button.

Canceling Rides

  1. Click on Cart Services link.
  2. Click on the Schedule tab, located at the top of the screen.
  3. On the schedule of your rides, locate the ride and click to check box.
  4. Click on the Delete button. Only that ride is canceled
  5. To cancel multiple rides, click all boxes for rides you want to cancel and then click the Delete button.
  6. To cancel all ride requests click Check All button and then click Delete button.