Transition to College

Transition to College

Academic Support

Academic Advising
Phone: 530-898-5712

The Accessibility Resource Center advisors are not academic advisors. Advising and Orientation advisors in Student Services Center (SSC 110) assist in planning academic programs for students who have not declared a major. Once you declare a major, an advisor in your department is assigned to plan academic requirements. Current advising information is available on the CSU, Chico Website. Students are encouraged to visit the Career Center (SSC 270) for assistance in deciding upon a major or minor.

Assistive Technology Center
The Accessible Technology Center (ATC) is on the first floor of Meriam Library.

Diversity Resource Guide
Visit the Diversity Website to read the Diversity Resource Guide.

English as a Second Language Support Center
Phone 530-898-5452

The ESL Resource Center located in Siskiyou 104 provides tutoring for non-native English speakers, grammar assistance, reading tutoring, assistance with research papers and homework, and help preparing for language exams including the TOEFL.

Meriam Library
Learn the resources available at the library by taking a library tour. Small group orientations to the library are available during the first part of each semester. Times are posted in the lobby of the library, and there is no need to register. There are several sources for e-books available on line. These electronic libraries allow students to browse certain books and can be read by software such as Dolphin, Wineyes, or Kurzweil.

Online Learning for Students with Disabilities
A complete guide to distance learning for students with disabilities. Learn how to work with disability services, employ assistive technology, evaluate online programs, and succeed in the virtual classroom.

Student Learning Center
Phone: 530-898-6839

Student Learning Center offers tutoring, workshops on study strategies, and supplemental instruction.

Study Strategies
Phone: 530-898-6839

Coaching in study strategies such as improving effectiveness in note taking, reading, exam taking, time management, and memory retention is available through the Student Learning Center (SLC) located in SSC 340. Check the bulletin boards in the SLC and at the ARC office for dates, times, and locations of workshops.

Supplemental Instruction
Phone: 530-898-6839

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered to CSU, Chico students for some general education classes through the SLC, located in SSC 340. The purpose is to teach effective ways to learn and to help master the content of the course. This is done through small discussion groups led by graduate students. ARC advisors have a schedule of SI courses.

Veterans Center
Visit the Veterans Center Website to learn more.

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