Archaeology Lab

The Archaeology Lab serves as the hub for the activities associated with the archaeology program in the Department of Anthropology at California State University, Chico. The current archaeology lab director is Dr. Antoinette Martinez who teaches laboratory methods in archaeology (ANTH 482) in the archaeology lab.

This class is designed to provide students with independent supervised training in the basic archaeological laboratory methods associated with data description, identification, classification, interpretation, presentation, and curation. This course provides hands-on experience with a range of both prehistoric and historical artifacts, assemblages, research questions, analyses, and presentation. Field courses in archaeology, archaeological site survey (ANTH 484) and field archaeology (excavation) (ANTH 480) emanate from the archaeology lab.

Basic equipment for lab and field methods, a reference library, teaching collections, and outreach collections are provided. The lab is central to student projects, outreach, informal student activities, and faculty research. Currently, the following projects are operating from the archaeology lab; the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve Archaeology Project, the Bitner/Massacre Project, the Chico Campus Culture Project, and components of the Fort Ross Archaeological Project. The Zooarchaeology Lab and the Conservation Lab are adjacent to the Archaeology Lab.