Cameron Crawford

"Renewed Interest"

"Balancing, Act II"

"Saving Water"

"Piece Process"

"Un Para Dos"


Master of Fine Arts Ceramics University of Washington. Seattle, Washington 1988

Shepparton Art Gallery. "Sydney Myer Fund International Award" Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.
Archie Bray Foundation Wharehouse Gallery. "1999 Resident Artists Exhibition" Helena, Montana
Hyde Gallery. "Ceramics: Viewpoint '98" Grossmont College El Cajon, California
The Artery. "California Clay Competition" Davis, California.
Loveland Museum/ Gallery. "Contemporary American Ceramics" Loveland, Colorado
Forum on the Visual Arts Gallery. "Clay on the Wall, 3rd Annual National Juried Exhibition" Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.
Center for the Visual Arts. "Altered States: Contemporary American Ceramics" Metropolitan State College, Denver,Colorado.
Bedford Gallery. "Ceramics in Northern California" Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts. Walnut Creek, California.

1999 Summer
Archie Bray Foundation. Helena, Montana.
1997 Summer
Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. Edgecomb, Maine.
1995 Summer
Archie Bray Foundation. Helena, Montana.
1994 Summer
Baniff Center for the Arts. Baniff, Alberta, Canada.

Artist's Statement
I use architectural forms as a symbol of our best efforts to create lasting structures, to provide shelter for ourselves and our beliefs. One of my interests in using the imagery of architecture in decay centers on its ability to imply the tension which exists between attempTs at permanence and destructive forces. Broken or perhaps the reminant of erosive forces, fragments hint, like pottery shards, at their origin. I enjoy the juxtaposition of disparate parts, some suggest ritual use, others more everyday applications. It's through their recycled amalgamation: stacking, binding, balancing, that I celebrate the perseverance and hopefull spirit of those who, somehow, manage to continue to put the structure of their lives back together.

Teaching Philosophy
I want to stimulate in my students an appetite for discovery which can build into a lifetime hunger for information. I feel compelled to lead, lure, and/or cajole students beyond the: "is this going to be on the test?" syndrome. Part of each student's learning process must involve the recognition of the validity of views other than their own (or mine). In helping students see that learning is more than memorization I work with them to discover ways to organize and structure knowledge. When they leave my class they should know how to find the information they need to help them in their developement. Finally, like most teachers, I care about the students I work with. I want them to succeed.

Cameron Crawford
Department of Art and Art History
California State University at Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0820
Phone: (530) 898-4155