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The department offers undergraduate liberal arts degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, focusing on art within a broad program of general studies, and professional undergraduate degrees the Bachelor of Fine Arts, which requires intensive work in art and design, while supported by general studies. We also offer graduate programs for the continued study, research, and training in art history and art studio leading to the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees respectively. In all areas the department endeavors to create an environment that supports professional artistic activities and research.


Bachelor of Arts

The course work required for the bachelor’s degree in art will prepare you for your vocation, while the complement of general education, cultural diversity, American institutions, and literacy requirements insures an interactive intellectual experience common to all graduating undergraduates. Underlying the university’s programs is the conviction that an educated person is one who knows that which is important for all people to know.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional degree program providing directed studies in six studio concentrations, electronic arts, and interior design. Entry to the program is by portfolio review, usually in the junior year. The program is designed for students seeking in-depth preparation for entry to the visual arts profession, as well as competing at the highest level for entrance to graduate programs.


Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in art history is designed to prepare post-baccalaureate students for a variety of professional opportunities (e.g., museum work) and/or for entrance to doctoral (PhD) programs in other institutions.

Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is a three-year professional degree program which incorporates a comprehensive background in the fine arts as well as advanced development in patterns of studio specialization. The degree offers students progressive course work in critical theory, practiced criticism, and art history. The combined studio and academic experience provides students with the opportunity to synthesize information at a higher level, while engaging in original research and a significant body of creative studio work.