BA Art Studio:
Digital Media & Electronic Arts

The Digital Media & Electronic Arts program offers students making experiences in digital image creation for print and screen; animation; audio; video; and interactive media for web, CD/ DVD. Students are able to work in a variety of digital formats, and are encouraged to explore hybrid (digital/traditional) concepts.

Students have 24-hour access to the Macintosh based Digital Media lab. Digital cameras and camcorders are available for student use.

Courses include:
ARTS 250 Introduction to Digital Media
Foundation computer course for studio artists. Basic instruction using the computer for painting, drawing, image processing, photographic composites, words as art, animation, research and presentation. Emphasis is on conceptual and creative processes. Art and design principles, aesthetic decision-making, and visual effectiveness are addressed.

ARTS 350 Intermediate Electronic Arts
Intermediate studies in electronic arts with focus on digital imagemaking. Emphasis on development of personal aesthetics, technical excellence, and understanding of presentation issues surrounding digital media for both print and virtual platforms.

ARTS 450 Advanced Electronic Arts
Advanced concepts in electronic arts, with emphasis on the relationships between content, form, and media; and the development of personal expression. Studio exploration of digital media to create electronic media artworks. Forms may include interactive multimedia using both CD/DVD and Internet technologies, 3D modeling and rendering, animation, sound, and video

ARTS 451 Intermedia Studio
Advanced concepts in translating electronic media artworks from the virtual world to the tangible with emphasis on integration of traditional fine art media and electronic media. Explorations may include photography/digital imaging, digital painting, digital printmaking, sculpture, installation, public art, and performance works. Conceptual development and studio practice involves integrating vocabularies and production techniques from a diverse palette of artistic methodologies and tools.

Each year advanced level students in the Digital Media & Electronic Arts Program produce:, an international juried exhibition of art created for the Internet and
International Shorts, an evening of short works in video and animation, screened each May at The University Film Series

The BFA in Electronic Arts


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