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The Department of Art and Art History, California State University, Chico, scholarship competition takes place during the spring semester each academic year. Scholarships are awarded during the spring for implementation the following academic year.

PLEASE NOTE--The scholarship application process has two steps. First you must apply for the University Scholarship, which has an application period of Jan 2-Feb 15, 2015. Then you must fill out the Art Department scholarship, which is due Feb 29th, 2015.

For a full list of available scholarships please click HERE


Selection criteria for these awards are based upon scholarship, quality, merit, and with some scholarships, financial need. Awards are announced by mail.

The scholarship competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled declared art majors in art, OR entering freshmen who declare an art major.

Unless specified at the time of application, all applicants will be considered for the Ahlquist, Hamilton, Morrow, and Ravekes Scholarships. The remaining scholarships have specific requirements. These include

  1. The ASID Student Chapter Scholarship, Luella Hopton Madsen Scholarship, and Florence V. Ritchie Scholarship are for students majoring in interior design.
  2. The Janet Turner Memorial Scholarship for studio majors who have taken at least two courses in printmaking.
  3. The Pierce/Trucksess Watermedia Scholarship for studio majors working in watermedia on paper. Applicants for this scholarship must have completed one semester in a watermedia course.
  4. The David and Shari Hopper Award was created by longtime art supporters David and Shari Hopper to recognize outstanding work by a graduate student. Recipients must be enrolled in the CSU, Chico Masters of Fine Arts program, or have equivalent graduate-level standing as an art student via the Department of Art and Art History's direct international exchange agreements.
  5. The Sarah Canfield Anderson Award was created by Darius and Sarah Anderson to recognize outstanding work by a sculpture student.

Students may apply for more than one scholarship.


The application process is twofold:

  1. Apply to the University Scholarship, through the University Scholarship Office, SSC 250. The 2015-16 scholarship application will open Jan. 2nd and close Feb. 15th. ***Please Note: You MUST apply to the University Scholarship if you want to apply to the Art Dept. Scholarships.***
  2. Apply to the Art Department Scholarships through the Department of Art & Art History Office, AYRES 107. Deadline: Feb, 29th, 4:30pm***Please use the application in the Forms below***

Contact the department office with questions:
Department of Art & Art History: (530)898-5331