Becoming a Member of ASCE, Chico State Student Chapter

Being a member of our student chapter offers numerous benefits. A few of these include getting discounts on nearly all of our activities, as well as on things such as the EIT review, and are eligible for National ASCE membership. Also, become a member to get involved in intercollegiate competitions, such as the Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe competition, as well as our intramural sports teams. Lastly, and arguably the most persuasive reason, is that ASCE membership looks smashing on a resume.

How do you become a member? It's quite easy. You need to have two things:

To get a membership form, come by our office in LANG 202, or click the link below to download the editable form as a word document. We also have them at all ASCE meetings and activities, so just find an officer and ask! As for the money, we take cash or check, and highly reccomend signing up for a year.

Download the Chico State ASCE membership form

Becoming an ASCE National Member

Why should you become a National Member? Click Here to be convinced. In addition to all of this, being a member of both our student chapter and the national branch, you get connected and network with even more professionals in Civil Engineering and the industry. Get in the loop!

Once you are a member of our student chapter, becoming a National member is quick, and more importantly, free! Click the link below and all you need is our Chapter ID (4048) and you're set!

Sign up for National Membership!!