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Chico State Men's Basketball 2011-12 Chico State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 10, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALASKA-FAIRBANKS 11/12/11 84-73 W 21-CARRAWAY, Ami 13-PARK, Sean 4-FLORES, Jay 2-SEMPLE, Jorda 1-SEMPLE, Jorda SIMS, Damario ACADEMY OF ART 11/13/11 83-36 W 18-SIMS, Damario 7-BARTON, Jorda 5-FLORES, Jay 2-FLORES, Jay 2-CONRAD, Jason SIMS, Damario PARK, Sean PACIFIC UNION 11/19/11 76-39 W 10-BARTON, Jorda 4-HICKS, Sam 3-FLORES, Jay 3-SEMPLE, Jorda 3-HICKS, Sam BARTON, Jorda MENLO COLLEGE 11/22/11 73-49 W 14-SEMPLE, Jorda 7-FLORES, Jay 3-SEMPLE, Jorda 2-PARK, Sean 2-CONRAD, Jason SIMS, Damario CARRAWAY, Ami at San Francisco State 12/01/11 72-66 W 18-FLORES, Jay 6-PARK, Sean 9-SIMS, Damario 1-BARTON, Jorda 1-HICKS, Sam CARRAWAY, Ami FLORES, Jay CARRAWAY, Ami SIMS, Damario STANILAND, Ja JACKSON, Josh at Cal Poly Pomona 12/3/11 50-64 L 17-SIMS, Damario 6-CONRAD, Jason 4-FLORES, Jay 4-FLORES, Jay 2-SEMPLE, Jorda at Cal State Stanislaus 12/07/11 77-79 OL 21-CARRAWAY, Ami 12-CARRAWAY, Ami 2-SIMS, Damario 1-SIMS, Damario 2-HICKS, Sam FLORES, Jay FLORES, Jay at Simpson (Calif.) 12/10/11 82-59 W 17-STANILAND, Ja 7-CONRAD, Jason 5-FLORES, Jay 6-TEAM 1-CONRAD, Jason at Humboldt State 12/17/11 65-63 W 18-CARRAWAY, Ami 10-SEMPLE, Jorda 4-SIMS, Damario 2-FLORES, Jay 1-CARRAWAY, Ami CONRAD, Jason PARK, Sean at Sonoma State 12/19/11 54-61 L 20-PARK, Sean 8-PARK, Sean 4-FLORES, Jay 1-SEMPLE, Jorda 1-SEMPLE, Jorda PARK, Sean FLORES, Jay JACKSON, Josh SIMS, Damario CONRAD, Jason CONRAD, Jason at Pacifica College 12/29/11 67-49 W 18-PARK, Sean 13-CARRAWAY, Ami 3-FLORES, Jay 2-CARRAWAY, Ami 3-CARRAWAY, Ami CARRAWAY, Ami PARK, Sean CAL STATE STANISLAUS 01/02/12 63-59 W 16-PARK, Sean 7-SEMPLE, Jorda 3-SIMS, Damario 1-JACKSON, Josh None CARRAWAY, Ami CARRAWAY, Ami SIMS, Damario FLORES, Jay CARRAWAY, Ami PARK, Sean CSU SAN BERNARDINO 01/06/12 63-56 W 15-FLORES, Jay 6-SIMS, Damario 7-FLORES, Jay 2-CONRAD, Jason 2-SEMPLE, Jorda CARRAWAY, Ami CONRAD, Jason UC SAN DIEGO 01/07/12 66-56 W 17-FLORES, Jay 7-SEMPLE, Jorda 3-SIMS, Damario 2-FLORES, Jay 2-SEMPLE, Jorda PARK, Sean FLORES, Jay DOMINGUEZ HILLS 01/13/12 46-49 L 11-FLORES, Jay 9-SEMPLE, Jorda 4-PARK, Sean 2-JACKSON, Josh 4-CONRAD, Jason CAL STATE L.A. 01/14/12 69-66 W 18-FLORES, Jay 7-SEMPLE, Jorda 4-FLORES, Jay 1-SEMPLE, Jorda 2-SEMPLE, Jorda PARK, Sean CONRAD, Jason SIMS, Damario CARRAWAY, Ami FLORES, Jay at Cal State East Bay 1-20-12 93-76 W 28-SIMS, Damario 7-BARTON, Jorda 6-SIMS, Damario 1-JACKSON, Josh 1-CONRAD, Jason SEMPLE, Jorda HICKS, Sam at Cal St. Monterey Bay 01/21/12 82-61 W 16-SIMS, Damario 10-SEMPLE, Jorda 5-FLORES, Jay 1-FLORES, Jay 3-CONRAD, Jason SIMS, Damario CONRAD, Jason SONOMA STATE 01/27/12 59-62 L 18-SIMS, Damario 5-SIMS, Damario 5-SIMS, Damario 2-SEMPLE, Jorda 2-CONRAD, Jason HUMBOLDT STATE 01/28/12 67-61 W 16-CARRAWAY, Ami 7-CARRAWAY, Ami 3-SIMS, Damario 1-FLORES, Jay None FLORES, Jay CARRAWAY, Ami SEMPLE, Jorda
Chico State Men's Basketball 2011-12 Chico State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 10, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAL POLY POMONA 02/03/12 75-55 W 15-SIMS, Damario 8-CONRAD, Jason 4-PARK, Sean 2-FLORES, Jay 1-SEMPLE, Jorda FLORES, Jay CONRAD, Jason BARTON, Jorda SAN FRANCISCO STATE 02/04/12 61-44 W 13-PARK, Sean 5-BARTON, Jorda 5-FLORES, Jay 2-JACKSON, Josh 3-SEMPLE, Jorda CONRAD, Jason PARK, Sean at UC San Diego 02/10/12 71-64 W 17-PARK, Sean 6-PARK, Sean 9-FLORES, Jay 5-FLORES, Jay 1-PARK, Sean SEMPLE, Jorda at CSU San Bernardino 02/11/12 73-58 W 22-FLORES, Jay 5-SIMS, Damario 6-SIMS, Damario 2-JACKSON, Josh 2-BARTON, Jorda BARTON, Jorda at Cal State L.A. 2/17/12 60-66 L 13-SEMPLE, Jorda 9-SEMPLE, Jorda 1-CARRAWAY, Ami 3-FLORES, Jay 1-SEMPLE, Jorda FLORES, Jay PARK, Sean at Dominguez Hills 02/18/12 66-57 W 16-CARRAWAY, Ami 6-FLORES, Jay 8-FLORES, Jay 2-PARK, Sean 3-SEMPLE, Jorda SIMS, Damario CAL ST. MONTEREY BAY 02/23/12 73-54 W 11-JACKSON, Josh 12-FLORES, Jay 7-FLORES, Jay 5-FLORES, Jay 3-SEMPLE, Jorda CAL STATE EAST BAY 02/24/12 61-47 W 16-FLORES, Jay 10-SEMPLE, Jorda 6-FLORES, Jay 2-SIMS, Damario 2-CARRAWAY, Ami FLORES, Jay DOMINGUEZ HILLS 02/28/12 52-45 W 11-CARRAWAY, Ami 9-SEMPLE, Jorda 5-FLORES, Jay 3-SIMS, Damario 1-CONRAD, Jason CARRAWAY, Ami vs Sonoma State 03/02/12 76-74 W 19-CARRAWAY, Ami 14-SEMPLE, Jorda 7-FLORES, Jay 1-SIMS, Damario 1-JACKSON, Josh FLORES, Jay SEMPLE, Jorda vs Humboldt State 03/03/12 76-89 L 15-SIMS, Damario 9-SEMPLE, Jorda 5-FLORES, Jay 2-CARRAWAY, Ami 2-CARRAWAY, Ami SEMPLE, Jorda FLORES, Jay vs Humboldt State 03/09/12 75-68 W 18-FLORES, Jay 5-SEMPLE, Jorda 6-FLORES, Jay 2-FLORES, Jay 1-SEMPLE, Jorda PARK, Sean JACKSON, Josh SIMS, Damario CONRAD, Jason at Western Washington 03/10/12 65-74 L 13-PARK, Sean 10-SEMPLE, Jorda 5-PARK, Sean 2-SEMPLE, Jorda 1-SEMPLE, Jorda