Chico State

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Game-by-Game Highs

Chico State Wildcats Chico State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 27, 2003) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOUTHERN OREGON 11/22/02 83-74 W 21-RICE, Leah 10-YOUNG, Delise 9-ABTS, Kim 2-SIMPTON, Rexa 1-RICE, Leah PANTTAJA, Mai YOUNG, Delise HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY 11/23/02 103-81 W 26-ABTS, Kim 7-YOUNG, Delise 13-ABTS, Kim 3-HAVENS, Cari 2-YOUNG, Delise UC DAVIS 12/07/02 88-85 W 24-WHITE, Mariss 9-ABTS, Kim 12-ABTS, Kim 4-ABTS, Kim 2-RICE, Leah PIETKA, Miche at Humboldt State Univers 12/14/02 79-82 L 24-WHITE, Mariss 9-ABTS, Kim 10-ABTS, Kim 3-YOUNG, Delise None at UC Davis 12/21/02 79-74 W 22-ABTS, Kim 8-RICE, Leah 7-ABTS, Kim 4-ABTS, Kim 2-HAVENS, Cari at Northwest Nazarene Uni 12/30/02 78-90 L 25-PIETKA, Miche 6-WHITE, Mariss 10-ABTS, Kim 5-WHITE, Mariss 1-SIMPTON, Rexa RICE, Leah PIETKA, Miche at Cal State, San Bernard 02/14/03 33-62 L 9-PIETKA, Miche 7-SIMPTON, Rexa 1-JOHNSON, Kass 2-SIMPTON, Rexa None GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY 02/28/03 68-66 W 19-ABTS, Kim 9-HAVENS, Cari 7-ABTS, Kim 2-RICE, Leah 1-WHITE, Mariss PIETKA, Miche RICE, Leah at San Francisco State 01/03/03 78-51 W 16-WHITE, Mariss 11-RICE, Leah 7-WHITE, Mariss 4-ABTS, Kim 3-RICE, Leah RICE, Leah at Sonoma State 01/04/03 65-68 L 18-RICE, Leah 14-RICE, Leah 9-ABTS, Kim 3-ABTS, Kim 2-RICE, Leah CAL POLY POMONA 01/10/03 62-66 L 20-PIETKA, Miche 10-RICE, Leah 5-ABTS, Kim 3-ABTS, Kim 3-RICE, Leah CAL STATE, SAN BERNARDINO 01/11/03 60-57 W 16-WHITE, Mariss 7-SIMPTON, Rexa 8-ABTS, Kim 1-ABTS, Kim 1-YOUNG, Delise YOUNG, Delise JUAREZ, Merce SIMPTON, Rexa PIETKA, Miche at Cal State Bakersfield 01/17/03 71-101 L 14-PIETKA, Miche 6-SIMPTON, Rexa 3-PIETKA, Miche 2-JOHNSON, Kass 2-HAVENS, Cari WHITE, Mariss WHITE, Mariss RICE, Leah at Cal State Stanislaus 01/18/03 79-65 W 24-PIETKA, Miche 10-RICE, Leah 7-ABTS, Kim 5-PIETKA, Miche 1-WHITE, Mariss at UC SAN DIEGO 01/24/03 68-75 L 20-PIETKA, Miche 16-RICE, Leah 9-ABTS, Kim 3-ABTS, Kim 4-RICE, Leah SIMPTON, Rexa at Grand Canyon Universit 01/25/03 74-54 W 14-ABTS, Kim 14-HAVENS, Cari 6-ABTS, Kim 1-YOUNG, Delise None HAVENS, Cari HAVENS, Cari WHITE, Mariss RICE, Leah ABTS, Kim CAL STATE L.A. 01/31/03 93-82 W 21-PIETKA, Miche 15-RICE, Leah 6-ABTS, Kim 6-WHITE, Mariss 3-RICE, Leah SIMPTON, Rexa CAL STATE DOMINGUEZ HILLS 02/01/03 67-58 W 18-RICE, Leah 10-RICE, Leah 7-ABTS, Kim 3-WHITE, Mariss None ABTS, Kim SONOMA STATE 02/07/03 74-71 W 19-RICE, Leah 9-RICE, Leah 4-PIETKA, Miche 3-ABTS, Kim 1-RICE, Leah ABTS, Kim SAN FRANCISCO STATE 02/08/03 83-68 W 29-PIETKA, Miche 9-PIETKA, Miche 5-SIMPTON, Rexa 3-PIETKA, Miche 1-RICE, Leah PIETKA, Miche WHITE, Mariss PIETKA, Miche at Cal Poly Pomona 02/15/03 93-73 W 25-WHITE, Mariss 18-RICE, Leah 5-ABTS, Kim 4-PIETKA, Miche 3-RICE, Leah CAL STATE STANISLAUS 02/21/03 67-78 L 20-RICE, Leah 15-RICE, Leah 6-ABTS, Kim 4-WHITE, Mariss 3-YOUNG, Delise CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD 02/22/03 80-92 L 21-WHITE, Mariss 13-RICE, Leah 11-ABTS, Kim 4-HAVENS, Cari 3-RICE, Leah ABTS, Kim UC SAN DIEGO 03/01/03 101-77 W 30-ABTS, Kim 7-RICE, Leah 8-ABTS, Kim 4-WHITE, Mariss None at Cal State Dominguez Hi 03/07/03 71-60 W 20-ABTS, Kim 10-HAVENS, Cari 6-PIETKA, Miche 1-PIETKA, Miche None HAVENS, Cari SIMPTON, Rexa at Cal State L.A. 03/08/03 98-73 W 27-ABTS, Kim 12-RICE, Leah 5-PIETKA, Miche 3-SIMPTON, Rexa 1-JOHNSON, Kass PIETKA, Miche RICE, Leah
Chico State Wildcats Chico State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 27, 2003) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Seattle Pacific Univer 03/14/03 70-81 L 24-PIETKA, Miche 7-ABTS, Kim 7-ABTS, Kim 4-WHITE, Mariss 3-RICE, Leah