Reviewing Products and Services for Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

Currently required for procurement of products or services over $10,000

Requestor – the individual requesting the acquisition of an E&IT product or service
  • Develops accurate and supportable functional requirements for the requested products or services, with the assistance of campus technical staff as necessary
  • Conducts market research to identify sources that meet the functional requirements
  • Determines which accessibility subcategories are applicable for the product
  • Works with vendor to establish the accessibility compliance of desired products by submission of a completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or equivalent
  • In cases where products are deemed not to be complaint with Section 508 requirements, Requestor will identify valid exemption justification and work with ARC representative on an approved Alternative Access Plan

Section 508 Compliance Officer (position not currently filled on campus); CIO and/or HR – Duties currently being performed by Director of Procurement, CIO designee & manager of Assistive Resource Center

  • Assists staff, faculty, student, the public and other outside sources with Section 508 issues or questions
  • Assists Requestor in the review of E&IT Section 508 compliance documentation
  • Evaluates and in some instances approves exemption requests
  • Creates comprehensive ATI Section 508 program
  • Promotes the importance of Section 508 efforts
  • Oversees Section 508 training and communications
  • Assists with the resolution of non-conformant procurements and contractor product problem and works to create win-win solutions
  • Ensures consistent implementation of Section 508 programs
  • Acts as liaison on Section 508 matters with management
  • Works with Requestor on issues, especially E&IT reasonable accommodation problems
  • Works with relevant offices to address accessibility issues for students, employees and members of the public   

Procurement & Contract Services Buyer – Individual responsible for actual procurement of the E&IT product or service.

  • Responsible for reviewing the ATI documentation to verify that proper approval has been obtained, including proper documentation submitted and included in the procurement file:
  • Processes properly documented E&IT acquisition requests
  • Considers only vendors for the acquisition who have complied with Section 508 documentation requirements
  • Purchases product per the market research and according to CSU policies and procedures
  • Ensures that Section 508 requirements are contained in contracts awarded

Information Resources IT Procurement Review designee

  • Perform in a general capacity strategic planning of E&IT requirements
  • Assists Requestors with evaluating vendor Section 508 documentation
  • Evaluates product documentation to determine the technical credibility of an exemption and approves exemption requests
  • Works with the Buyer on technical questions and issues during the E&IT acquisition process