Audit Types

Financial Audits

These audits examine the accounting and reporting of financial transactions to determine the fairness, accuracy and reliability of financial data. CSU, Chico's external auditors, KPMG, perform this type of review in coordination with CSU, Chico's Director of Financial Reporting.

Compliance Audits

These audits determine if entities are complying with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures. Recommendations usually require improvements in processes and controls used to ensure compliance with regulations. CSU campuses are subject to federal and state laws, Trustee policies, Chancellor's Office directives, and local campus policies and procedures. (see Resources)

Information System Audits

These audits review the internal control environment of automated information processing systems and how people use these systems. The audits usually evaluate system input, output, processing controls, backup and recovery plans, system security, and computer facilities. These audits may review existing or developing systems.

Investigative Audits

These audits are performed when there is a suspicion or allegation of fraud, theft, waste, or other "improper governmental activity." Investigations involve the examination of records and interview of employees to determine if improper activities have taken place. 

Follow-up Audits

These audits are conducted after an internal or external audit report has been issued. They are designed to evaluate corrective action that has been taken on the audit issues reported in the original report.