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     Dances are the heart of Ballroom Dance Club. Here are the details of each dance event and other related activities. Our dances are almost always preceded by a beginning and intermediate lesson on the thematic dance so everyone can take part in the fun.

     Information on our dances is also available on our facebook page. Thank you.


     In compliance with the facilities use charges document at CSUC, the ballroom dance club functions will be continued. However, instead of teaching, practicing and dancing during non-normal business hours (Friday nights), the club will specifically hold their events during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday nights). By doing this, the club can continue to educate, promote, and share the passion of dance with all CSUC students.

     Currently, Jolene Barry has been advising the “labs” Monday-Thursday nights. She will continue to advise the labs. In addition, she will also be the advisor to the ballroom dance club because of the similar functions between the labs and the club. By doing this, a greater sense of cohesion amongst the groups can build with the ultimate goal being the university experience of networking and dancing.

     Again, we thank all of you for your professional nature and understanding during these new times. We will continue to work with the AS President and the University to see what other options we might have for holding future events during non-normal business hours.

               Ballroom Dance Club

Ballroom Dance Club Dances

The Ballroom Dance Club is pleased to present the following upcoming dances: