2016 Fall Deer Hunt Dates

All hunters must have a valid California hunting license and appropriate tags or stamps to hunt on the BCCER. Please fully read all of our Hunting Regulations before applying. Applications to hunt on the BCCER will be available at caldeer.org/hunting. Please take notice of the deadline listed on the application. All entries must be submitted before this date or or they will not be included in the drawing.

A-1 Archery Hunt (August 20- September 4, 2016)
Period 1: 8/21-8/22 (Sun, Mon)
Period 2: 8/26-8/27 (Friday-Saturday)
Period 3: 9/2-9/3 (Friday-Saturday)
C-4 Rifle Hunt (Septmber 17-October 2)
Period 1: 9/17-9/18 (Sat-Sun)
Period 2: 9/25-9/26 (Sunday, Monday)
Period 3: 9/30-10/1 (Friday, Saturday)
G-1 Rifle Hunt (October 22-October 30)
9 consectutive days: October 22-October 30 (Saturday-Sunday)