Conference Center Use

Henning House

The Conference Center is temporarily unavailable for public use. Continue to visit this web page for updates as to when it may become available.

The Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve Conference Center is a conference/retreat/meeting facility as well as the home for the caretakers. The first floor has a table that seats a maximum of 30 people, a full kitchen, and bathroom. The second floor is private quarters for the caretakers.

For use of the conference facility the purpose of any group function must be primarily educational or business-oriented. No weddings, birthday parties, or other primarily recreational functions are allowed. The use of the barn or grounds near the house constitutes house rental.

The following rental rates and guidelines apply:

  • $200 full day
  • $150 half day (7 am-1 pm or noon -7 pm)
  • Cancellation of use less than 48 hours in advance forfeits all fees
  • No food service, cooking/serving utensils, or tableware are provided
  • You are fully responsible for providing any meals, all cleanup, removal of garbage
  • Organized groups must show proof of insurance
  • All fees are due 7 days prior to scheduled event
  • No pets, bicycles, ATVs, horses, firearms, fires, camping or smoking allowed
  • No live music
  • All general use rules and regulations apply

To request use of this facility please visit our Reserves Access Management system (RAMs)