Hunting at the BCCER

As part of the purchase agreement for the BCCER, The Research Foundation has cooperatively developed a program with the California Department of Fish and Game to allow hunting and fishing on a limited permit basis. This program provides a unique opportunity to gain access to property that would otherwise be closed to the general public.

Turkey Hunter20112012 Fall Hunt Dates

The BCCER offers hunting opportunities for deer, quail and turkey. Each person is allowed one application as the primary applicant, per hunt period. The BCCER is an educational facility. While reserve use is restricted during hunt seasons some overlap is unavoidable. Below are some general guidelines:

  • All hunters must have a valid California hunting license and appropriate deer tags and/or bird stamps before applying for any hunt on the BCCER.
  • All California Fish and Game Code laws apply.
  • Each Hunter will be required to read, sign and return the Hunting Regulations Form and the BCCER Liability Release Form prior to being issued a permit.
  • All persons under 18 years of age must sign the Minor Liability Release Form and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Hunting is restricted to the species for which the hunter has been issued a permit.
  • Shooting at any other species or target is strictly prohibited.
  • Hunter Liability Release and Hunter Regulations forms should be received with $35.00 access fee at least two weeks prior to the first hunt day of each period. Please refer to 2012 Fall Hunt Deadlines for specific due dates.
  • All hunters will report hunting results by phone within five working days after hunting by calling (530) 898-5010 or mailing tags to: BCCER, CSU, Research Foundation, 400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0215.
  • No overnight camping or fires are allowed on the BCCER.
  • No ATVs, bicycles, motorcycles allowed.
  • All vehicles are required to stay on established roads and designated parking areas.
  • Hunting guests should be careful not to disturb or interfere with research areas or equipment.
  • Remove all shell casings, garbage.
  • All other rules and guidelines for public use apply.

Applications may be obtained at the California Deer Association's BCCER Hunt Program Page.