Research Reports

Research theses and projects may also be found by searching the CSU, Chico CDR (Chico Digital Repository).

Population Biology and Conservation of Western Pond Turtles (Clemmys marmorata) in Natural, Managed and Unnatural habitats in the Norther Sacramento River Drainage. Engstrom

Spring Creek, and Groundwater Chemistry in the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve and The Butte Basin, 2006. Perkins & Miller

Habitat Utilization and Selection by Birds within a Chaparral Community with Notes on Avian and Plant Diversity, June 2005. C. Martin, M Ocken, M. Sopoliga

BCCER/BCEP Bird Banding Summary for 2006. Garcia

BCCER Bird Banding Log. Garcia

BCCER Owl Banding Log. Garcia

BCCER Owl Banding Summary 2008. Garcia

Northern Saw-whet Owl monitoring manual. Garcia

Northern Saw‐whet Owl Migration Monitoring Project Summary, 2015

The Ecology of Inquilism in Communally Parasitic Tamalia Aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Miller

NABA Butterfly Counts. BCCER 4th of July Counts, 2007-2011. Miller.

Correlation Between Habitat Characteristics and Native Perennial Grass Species, 1999. Linden

Blue Oak Age and Growth in the BCCER. Maslin

History of the Lucas Family, BCCER Area First Homestead

BCCER Archeology Relating to the Lucas Family. Riordan

Public Perceptions of the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

Density-Dependent Seasonal Home Range Size Change in Female Columbian Black-Tailed Deer, 2008. Wittsell