Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

CSUC Ecological Reserves Research Reports

Research theses and projects may also be found by searching the  CSU, Chico CDR (Chico Digital Repository).

Adams, Chloe, 2015: Slope Stability Analysis of a Small Intermittent Failure (PDF)

Aslan, Clare, 2010: Implications of newly-formed seed-dispersal mutualisms between birds and introduced plants in northern California, USA (PDF)

Benigno, Gina Marie, 2011: Invertebrate Drift in Neighboring Perrenial and Seasonal Tributaries of the Sacramento River (PDF)

Bergmann, Jean-Phillipe, 2013: Prezygotic Reproductive Isolation Between  Mimulus guttatus and  Mimulus galucescens (PDF)

Bright, Lisa, 2011: Taphonomic Signatures of Animal Scavenging in Northern California: A Forensic Anthropological Analysis (PDF)

Buchholtz, Clara, 2017: An Investigation of Communal Gall Sharing by  Tamalia Coweni Under Variable Conditions of Population Density on Artostaphylos Manzanita ( Ericaceae) (PDF)

Cresswell, Danielle, 2004: Summer Stream Temperatures Experienced by Adult Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in a Central Valley Stream (PDF)

Daly, Jennifer, 2009: The Temporal Nature of Things (PDF)

Daniele, Ninette, 2014:Blood Profiles in Western Pond Turtles ( Emys marmorata) from a Nature Reserve and Comparison with a Population from a Modified Habitat (PDF)

Daniele, et al., 2011: Relationship Between Avian and Vegetation Diversities in an Ecotonal Habitat (PDF)

DeCarvalho, Patrick, 2012: Stream Gauging, Groundwater Monitoring, and Isotopic Analysis in Big Chico Creek, California (PDF)

DeVost, Erec, 2008:Methods for Vegetation Mapping in the Cascade/Sierra Nevada Foothills: A Case Study of Big Chico Creek Watershed, Chico, California (PDF)

Garcia, Dawn: Northern Saw‐whet Owl Migration Monitoring Project Summary, 2015 (PDF)

Garcia, Dawn: Northern Saw‐whet Owl Migration Monitoring Project Summary, 2016 (PDF)

Garcia, Dawn: Fall Migration of the Northern Saw-whet Owl in Northern Interior California, from the Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin, 2017 (PDF)

Garcia, Dawn: Northern Saw‐whet Owl Migration Monitoring Project Summary, 2017 (PDF)

Gonzalez, Marisol, 2014: Stratal Geometries of Tuscan Deposits in Big Chico Creek Canyon Outcrops and in the Subsurface Underlying Chico, California (PDF)

Habecker, Nicole, 2012: Ecogeographical and Intrinsic Postzygotic Isolation Between  Mimulus guttatusand  Mimulus galucescens (PDF)

Hamill, Timmarie, 2012: Environmental Education Linking Academic Needs with Resource Management Goals  (PDF)

Linden, 1999: Correlation Between Habitat Characteristics and Native Perennial Grass Species (PDF)

Lynch, Mark, 2011: Beetle Response to Seasonal Prescribed Fire in Blue Oak ( Quercus douglasii) Woodlands of Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve (PDF)

McCall, William, 2014: Evaluating Bilateral Asymmetry of the Adult Western Pond Turtle ( Emys marmorata) (PDF)

C. Martin, M Ocken, M. Sopoliga: Habitat Utilization and Selection by Birds within a Chaparral Community with Notes on Avian and Plant Diversity, June 2005. (PDF)

Maslin, Paul:Blue Oak Age and Growth in the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve

Miller et al., 2015: The origin and genetic differentiation of the socially parasitic aphid Tamalia inquilinus (PDF)

Miller, 2004: The Ecology of Inquilism in Communally Parasitic  Tamalia Aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) (PDF)

Mills, Jason, 2015: Reestablishing the Competitive Hierarchy in an Invaded California Grassland through the Process of Habitat Restoration Following a Prescribed Burn (PDF)

Moore et al., 2017: Acoustic Monitoring of Bat Diversity in Northern California (poster) (PDF)

Murphy & Perkins, 2006: Spring, Creek, and Groundwater Chemistry in the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve and the Butte Basin, California (PDF)

Perkins, Carol, 2013: Geologic and Hydrologic Controls on Spring, Stream, and Ground Water Chemistry in the the Big Chico Creek Watershed and Butte Basin, California (PDF)

Rizzo, Abigail, 2012: Vegetation Management Plan: Butte Creek and Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve Complex (PDF)

Shaw, Julie, 2014: Winter Ecology of Northern Saw-whet owls ( Aegolius acadicus) in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California (PDF)

Shedd, Jackson, 2009: Bilateral Asymmetry in Two Secondary Sexual Characters in the Western Fence Lizard ( Sceloporos occidentalis): Implications for a Correlation with Lateralized Aggression (PDF)

Silver, Courtney, 2017: Population-Level Variation in Vocalizations of Rana Boylii, the Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog (PDF)

Stone, Brandee, 2011: Analysis of Environmental Bacteria Capable of Utilizing Reduced Phosphorus Compounds (PDF)

Street, Quinn, 2009: Regional Paleo-Topographic Setting of the Lovejoy Basalt, Northern California (PDF)

Taylor, Brian, 2012: Relatedness Among Galling Aphids as Determined by AFLP Analysis (PDF)

Walker, Kristoffer, 2012: Evaluating the opposing wave interaction hypothesis for the generation of microbaroms in the eastern North Pacific (PDF)

Willard, Eric, 2009: Temperature and Relative Humidity Gradients of Intermittent and Perennial Tributaries in Northern California (PDF)

Wittsell, Rick, 2008: Density-Dependent Seasonal Home Range Size Change in Female Columbian Black-Tailed Deer (PDF)

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