Student Research Grants 2012-2013

Program Description

The goal of the student research grant program is to promote undergraduate and graduate student research projects at the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve and Butte Creek Ecological Preserve. Awards up to $2,000 will assist students with project costs, equipment, printing, and other expenses directly related to the project. Transportation and wages will not be funded.  The student must have a faculty advisor assisting with the design, development, and implementation of the project.  All projects must conform to the Ecological Reserve’s research protocol which may be found on the BCCER website at   Funds for this program are generated through donations from the Chico community.  The community donates because they believe in our mission and our ability to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Application Guidelines
Who may apply?
All graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in any program on campus that has faculty support.  Students may submit an application as a group but the project will only be funded up to the maximum amount.  Students are eligible for grant awards up to $2,000.

 What types of proposals are funded?
Research projects that assist with the Ecological Reserve System mission are encouraged but all applications will be considered.  Listed below is an example of some of the study areas on the Reserves that relate to our Mission Statement:

To preserve critical habitat and provide a natural area for education and research

Fire ecology:   plant and animal responses to fire, fire history, fire plans, fire mapping

  • Vegetation management:    vegetative mapping, vegetative treatments, non native plants, native grass propagation, valley and blue oak regeneration
  • Plant and wildlife surveys: wildlife population studies
    • Fisheries studies:   steelhead population assessment, salmon and other native fish studies
      •  Cultural resource surveys: historical surveys of native people, early settlers
  • Geological surveys:  mapping, relationship to plant communities
    • Hydrological studies:  water recharge, erosion, springs as they correspond to geologic structure

 Please note: all equipment purchased with grant funds will become the property of the Ecological Reserves when the project concludes.

 What are the dates of the funding cycle?

The project funding cycle is for academic year 2012/2013.  Funds will be available July 1, 2012 and must be spent by May 31, 2013.  Applicants may reapply for the subsequent funding cycle.

How much money is available?
The program will allocate between $5,000 and $10,000 per year, depending on the funds available.   The maximum grant for individual projects or students applying as a group is $2,000. The funds can be used for items that are needed to conduct research on the Reserves including equipment, supplies, publications, lab fees, etc.  Labor will not be paid with these grant funds.  Indirect charges will be assessed on cash matches from external funding sources in accordance with the Office of Sponsored Programs guidelines.

Is a match required?
No, projects are not required to have a cash match from external sources, colleges, and/or departments.

What are the selection criteria?
Grants will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Relevancy to the mission of the Ecological Reserve System
  • Merit of the proposed activities
  • Demonstrated support from a faculty member
  • Applicant’s commitment in completing the project

 What is required of the successful grantee?

All equipment purchased from grant funds must be returned to the Ecological Reserves
An electronic and hard copy of the final research project must be submitted to the Ecological Reserves
Successful students must present their research to the Technical Advisory Committee

Who evaluates the proposals? 
Proposals will be evaluated by the Ecological Reserve’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

When are proposals due?
Applications are due to the Ecological Reserves office located at Student Services Center, Suite 464 by 5 p.m. Monday, April 30, 2012.

When will awards be announced?

Awards will be announced by May 30, 2012.