Research Projects and Reports

Applications are required for conducting research on the Butte Creek Ecological Preserve. Please refer to the Research Protocol information below:


Reserve Application Management System (RAMS)

BCEP Research/Education Protocol


Research Reports from projects at BCEP are listed below:


Almond Board of California Blue Orchard Bee Study Conference Proceedings, 2007

Blue Orchard Bee Study Presentation (ppt), 2007

Cursory Assessment of the BCEP, Don Hankins, 2007

Bird Migration Monitoring, Dawn Garcia, 2005

Bird Banding, Dawn Garcia, 2006

Bird Banding Results, Dawn Garcia, 2006

Bird Banding Proposal, Dawn Garcia, 2007

Ground & Surface Water Monitoring, Jeff Sanchez, 2007

Site Assessment, Dave Wood, 2006


Research theses and projects at BCEP may also be found by searching the CSU, Chico CDR (Chico Digital Repository).