Serving the North State

Campus Programs Reach Out to North State

Faculty with kids

The North State Initiative Task Force focuses on “serving the North State through the arts, research, civic engagement and service learning, increasing the college-going population, and improving the health and well-being of North State residents.”

  • The Center for Economic Development’s Economic Forecast Conference is in its 14th year. It now serves as the leading economic forecast conference in the North State.
  • OPT for Healthy Living has guided children, families, and individuals through changes in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle to promote healthy weight for 13 years. Student interns, staff, and dieticians offer cooking classes, nutrition counseling, and worksite wellness programs.
  • The Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP) received $149,970 in 2011 to encourage ethnically diverse families with K-2 children to consume a variety of vegetables. CNAP also received a $623,863 U.S. Department of Education grant in 2011 to enhance physical education programs in local schools.
  • The Community Legal Information Center, open 40 years, provides free legal information to North State residents. Up to 125 paralegal interns staff the organization’s 12 programs, serving nearly 13,000 clients annually.
  • At team of construction management students and nearly 200 volunteers, with support from faculty and industry suppliers, built two 1,600-square-foot duplexes in Chico for single-parent families transitioning out of the Salvation Army's adult rehabilitation program for the 2014 Annual Winter Community Service Project. 
  • The School of Education received a $1.2 million national grant to improve American Indian educational opportunities and professional development.

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