California State University, Chico

Student Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology


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Oroville Sewage Treatment Plant
Oroville treatment plant lab.
Micro Club on the edge of the settling tank.
Getting close to aeration tanks.
Enthusiastic/inquisitive students at the Science Fair Workshop organized by the Chico Chapter of ASM and Omicron.
Bill, Scott, and Jake teaching kids about microbiology.
Lassen National Park hotsprings
Dr. Wolfe's Microbial Ecology class and the Micro Club keeping a safe distance from one of the fumeroles next to Boiling Springs Lake.
Microbial Ecology students looking over one of the hot springs at Devil's Kitchen. The group analyzed temperatures and pH and collected samples for later laboratory analysis. Some of the more extreme pots were above 75 C and had pH near 2.2.
Minds in Motion
Michael Wong at "Minds In Motion" enlightening the next generation about microbiology.    


Summary of 2005/2006 Activities

Summary of 2004/2005 Activities