Article I

Section 1

The name of the organization shall be the CSU, Chico Microbiology Student Group.

Section 2

This organization is a chapter associated with the Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology.

Article II

Section 1

The function of this organization is to:

A. Promote communication between students interested in microbiology and related disciplines.

B. Provide a source of information for new students.

C. Encourage students intellectual curiosity in microbiology and related disciplines.

D. Provide information on career opportunities available in the field of microbiology.

E. To further improve the quality of the microbiology program at California State University, Chico.

F. Promote student participation in ASM activities outside of our local branch, including national ASM meetings.

Article III

Section 1

Eligibility requirements shall be as follows:

A. Currently enrolled students at California State University, Chico

B. Good academic standing with California State University, Chico

C. Minimum overall G.P.A. of at least 2.0

Section 2

Associate membership for this organization shall be open to all students who meet eligibility requirements of California State University, Chico, and are interested in microbiology.

Section 3

Active membership for this organization shall be open to all students who meet eligibility requirements of California State University, Chico, and are interested in microbiology; this membership status is contingent upon at least 2/3 attendance at general meetings and activities.

Section 4

Faculty advisors shall also hold status as active members, with all rights thereof.

Article IV

Section 1

The executive officers of this organization shall be the president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. The term of office is one full school year. Elections will take place during the latter weeks of April in the spring semester.

Section 2

The President shall:

A. Be the chief spokesperson for the organization.

B. Preside over both general and officer/faculty meetings.

C. Be responsible for preparing a calendar of events with the faculty advisors of the group

Section 3

The Vice President shall:

A. Become president Pro Term in the president's absence.

B. Assist the president in all business concerning the president's office.

Section 4

The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

A. Be responsible for registering the organization with the University each term.

B. Be responsible for the tallying of election votes.

C. Be responsible for all official correspondence.

D. Keep a list of all current active and associate members.

E. Be responsible for keeping track of any funds allotted by members for organizational activities.

Article V

Section 1

The faculty advisor(s) shall be present at all general and executive meetings, as well as all organization functions, and give guidance to the organization.

Section 2

At least one faculty advisor shall be a member of the national chapter of the American Society for Microbiology.

Article VI

Section 1

General Meetings shall be held once every month, with times, dates, and places to be determined by the executive officers and faculty advisors in such a way as to make the organization as accessible to as many people as is possible.

Section 2

A notice of upcoming meetings shall be sent out at least one week in advance of the meeting date.

Article VII

Section 1

Voting shall be by method of secret ballot, and tallying shall be conducted in absence of any candidates for office.

Section 2

Only active members in good standing may vote for offices.

Section 3

Only active members in good standing may become a candidate for an executive office.

Section 4

Officers shall begin their term on the last academic day of the spring semester.

Article VIII

Section 1

Branch business at general and executive meetings shall be conducted with utmost importance on professionalism. Failure to comply with this article shall result in a vote of the executive committee on a recommendation of revocation of membership, which had been submitted by a member of the executive officers.

Article IX

Section 1

Any motion to amendment to this constitution must be presented to the executive officers, faculty advisors, and general members at least 7 days prior to a meeting in which a vote will be taken.

Section 2

Amendments shall pass only if more than 2/3 of active members vote in favor of the amendment.

Section 3

Active members may request absentee ballots if they are unable to attend a general meeting in which a vote is to be taken.

Article X


Section 1

General meetings shall consist of a general discussion portion, and a business portion. The discussion portion's content is at the discretion of the executive officers. The business portion of the meeting shall take place at the end of the general meeting time, and be in the order of:

A. Call to order

B. Miscellaneous business

C. New business

D. Announcements

E. Adjournment of meeting