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Insect Collection Featured in The Orion

October 26, 2015

Insect Collection Featured in the Orion.  Photo Credit: Grant Casey While Holt Hall can house hundreds of students throughout its three stories of classrooms, it is also home to tens of thousands of insect specimens in the entomology collection.

In the science department, there is a group of undergraduate and graduate students working alongside Dr. Donald Miller, biological science professor, to learn how to identify and classify insects. Read more >>

Article by Sabrina Salvatore; Photo Credit: Grant Casey

Illegal Contraband Donated

April 2, 2015

Sarah Santich displays the contraband evidence. Eight rare insects, including birdwing butterfly specimens, were donated to the collection from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service after being seized as illegal contraband.
A Name For Everything - Students Conduct Hands-on Research in Entomology Lab

April 20, 2015 | Story and photos by Ernesto Rivera, Public Affairs and Publications

Candice Sawyer, an ecological, evolutionary, and organismal biology major, and biology professor Don Miller with two birdwing butterflies. They were collected by Miller from Papua New Guinea and are some the world’s largest butterflies. Biology professor Don Miller was traveling through Papua New Guinea in 2011 in search of insect specimens he could bring back with him to Chico. Soon, he noticed his camp was crawling with spiders. Instead of ignoring them or moving his camp, Miller saw the opportunity... Read More >>