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Michael Abruzzo Outstanding Scientist Award
This award was established in 2006 and is named for a former professor in the Biological Sciences department, Michael Abruzzo, who established our annual poster symposium. The award is given to the student(s) whose poster at the Biological Sciences Annual Poster Symposium is selected by the judges as the best scientific poster. Names of students winning this award are added to the plaque for this award that is outside the department office.
Michael Abruzzo Outstanding Researcher Award
Year Awardees Poster Title Advisor
2006 Collin Biondo, Andrew Anderson, Chelsea Riggs, Nicole Tunnell    
2007 Charissa Becker-Martinez, Freshta Obaidi    
2008 Kylene Lang

Microsatellite Data indicate gene flow among Platanus species of the Northern Hemisphere

Kristina Schierenbeck
2009 Amir Bagheri, Sanae Burries, Alena Chin-Curtis, Vanessa Cox, Jordanna Forman, Reid Griggs, Broderick Illa, Zaira Jimenez, Lee Lo, Robert Marvin Crissy Nelson, Lisa North, Justin Peek, Jonathon Schneider, Meghann Shorrock, Danny Weller, Akira Iwami, and Katie Collins Natal origin of juvenile loggerhead turtles from foraging grounds in Nicaragua and Panama with newly suggested mitochondrial DNA primers Jonathan Day
2010 Melissa Maney Arthropod diversity differences along an urban gradient Tag Engstrom
2011 Ellie Oliver and Juan Mota Monitoring for presence of an amphibian pathogen by quantitative polymerase chain reaction David Keller and Tag Engstrom
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